Life is a deadly and beautiful amalgam of magic and pasta. Even though this quote is not mine, I am truly,madly and deeply in love with cooking and related works. Kitchen is the second best place on earth where I can spend infinite amount of time, without making any fuss. I am a non-professional in cooking, currently working as a campus mind in Mindtree Ltd, I have acquired some basic set of skills through reading, watching some tv shows and doing some trial and errors in the kitchen. Starting from burnt cakes, poorly cooked pasta and messed up kitchen or sometimes even setting them on fire :p , passion and practice has helped me improvise a lot. I present to you, some of the recipes I have tried and others have tasted, some will be free styled version of already available recipes and some will be something from my side. 😀

Flip through the 2 sections on top, Entree and Toothsome eats, try it, eat it, you may or may not like it, comment it, give some valuable tips/suggestions, all are welcome! 🙂